My goal as your mentor: to cultivate a community of boudoir photographers dedicated to providing a human-centered and empowering experience to each and every client. Your clients should feel seen, celebrated, and valued exactly as they are.

When we as a community of photographers work to redefine what it means to photograph boudoir, we are offering them a courageous space for celebratory expression AND the confidence that they will be taken care of from the moment they inquire until the delivery of their gallery.


Compassionate & Human First Boudoir Education

Consult Calls

90 minutes over zoom

Most talked about topics: 
BOUNDARIES. How to keep yourself and your clients feeling cared for.
NEGATIVE SELF TALK. How can we re-educate our clients in these moments? It is important that they leave the conversation feeling supported. 
TRAUMA AWARE SPACES. This call will NOT make you certified trauma informed, but it will give you a foundation for adopting these practices into your workflow.

Investment: $600 per call or $1500 for 3 over 3-6 months

Shadowing & In-person Mentorship

Posing. Client flow. Q&A  

Watch my client interaction from beginning to end (you get my whole session flow!)
Take notes on creating a courageous environment (i.e. what questions should you be asking before putting a human in front of your camera?)
Observe confident posing for all bodies.
We'll debrief for 20 minutes after the session to answer any follow-up questions. 

Investment: $600 
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