Because all bodies are divine, carry magic, and deserve to be captured with power, love, thoughtfulness, silliness, and drama.

Because fat bodies belong in boudoir. Because all bodies are good bodies. Because rolls, skin texture, and stretch marks are gloriously normal.

how it works

You are living breathing art!! 

I do this by giving supportive and calming guidance that allows you to relinquish worry and fear and free yourself to boldness and creativity

And I want you to see it for yourself


These are fat positive, trauma informed, and celebratory sessions. I intend to inspire, empower, and uplift. 

That means no negative self-talk (including things like, "I just need to lose weight," "I hate my___" etc..), bullying, discriminatory behavior, or sexual harassment will be tolerated.

My number one priority is a courageous and comfortable environment for you to celebrate your body on this journey to self love and acceptance. Body neutral and body positive affirmations are encouraged. 

In order to better provide this atmosphere, trauma informed training is prioritized for myself. All support team, such as hair and makeup artists are chosen because of their talent and care with a wide variety of skin tones and hair textures.

Here, all bodies are good bodies. Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter. And public health is a community effort.

The Scenes

The experience

Living breathing works of art.

You are a fricking renaissance painting of a human being. I want to help you feel like the incredible badass that you are AND make the process comfortable, fun, and approachable. No experience required.

A Recent Testimonial

Annie is incredibly kind and sweet. It was my first time doing a boudoir shoot and she was incredibly encouraging and positive. The whole time she was hyping me up and making it a special moment. When looking for a photographer for this I had a followed a few people on instagram and Annie was the one I just kept coming back to. she was body positive and talked with passion and kindness about all her clients on a consistent basis. I will definitely be booking with her again.

— Alianna Ovalle
Let's Keep In Touch

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