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The Experience

you call the shots

I am here to be a guiding presence, show you each pose, and ask permission each step of the way. Your voice, comfort, and creativity is as much a part of the experience as my own so that you leave feeling on top of the world.

About Annie

get to know the artist

Hi! I am Annie (she/her), your art history obsessed photographer who specializes in trauma aware and body positive boudoir! You are so incredibly loved and welcome here. My goal? To make you feel like an empowered Renaissance painting of a human being.

A few important things to know about me:

I believe all bodies, loves, and identities deserve to be celebrated - and I believe in lifting up marginalized bodies, voices, and loves! I am queer affirming and believe that Black lives matter.

I also approach all sessions with trauma sensitive business goals. This looks like; transparent sales practices, clear expectations, establishing boundaries, consistent communication, and mutual collaboration (i.e. I show you poses and creative options - you get to provide input and consent every step of the way!). I am working on my trauma informed certification through TIC and will be adding those credentials here soon!

Coming Up

Life Drawing and Body Affirmations

August 31st from noon to 3pm in York, Pa

Zero art skills or experience needed as we explore creating art fearlessly and as a source of healing. Sign up here!

Creek Minis, Harrisburg, Pa

August 10th and 17th - click to book!

Let's Keep In Touch

Body positive book recommendations, special events, and last minute boudoir openings! I promise not to spam you with more than a few emails a month!

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